Political digitalization for Ukrainian society – challenges for cybersecurity
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Department for Public Governance and Public Service, National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Publication date: 2021-09-20
Cybersecurity and Law 2021;5(1):139-144
The article describes the stage of political digitalization of Ukrainian society, defined as a gradual multi-vector process of society’s transition to digital technologies, affecting all spheres of public life, including public policy and public administration. The peculiarities of digital transformation in Ukraine are determined in the context of service state formation. The issue of cyber-security is studied. The public policy against cyber-terrorism in Ukraine is analysed. The main components of cyber-terrorism in Ukraine, related to the development of political digitalization of society, are identified and characterized, including: informational-psychological terrorism, informational-technical terrorism, cognitive terrorism, network terrorism, social-communication terrorism.
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