Marketing techniques as a threat to cybersecurity
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Associate Professor at the War Studies University in Warsaw, Head of the Academic Centre for Cybersecurity Policy
Publication date: 2022-07-02
Cybersecurity and Law 2022;7(1):37-50
The Internet is a suitable place to display a product or service, however, the ways in which an advertising message exerts influence on its audience differ from the ones the advertisers relied on in traditional media. The speed of communication, the availability of information sources and e-administration are significant social benefits that come with the growth of technology. However, there are justified concerns about the consequences of the operation of the Internet. Today, the Internet is not a new phenomenon, but the use of it leads to a growing number of new consequences. The continuous development of the medium has resulted in the significant commercialisation of the web. The active expansion of mass media, visible especially in continually expanding advertising and marketing offers, including mobile devices, requires a fresh look at regulations in the area of advertising.
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